I have received treatments from Mary Ellen for seven years. She not only knows how to take exquisite care of my skin, but she also has blessed me with her wisdom and generous nurturing care from the heart.
— Sally A.
I am a professional violinist .After hours of practicing, having to maintain the same position for hours, enduring rehearsals, and concertizing, I need to decompress! The only effective way I can do this is with cupping therapy from Mary Ellen Milks. With her cupping therapy she decompresses my tissues and opens channels to my circulation, takes pressure off my nerves, opens lymph vessels, helps me breathe better, and replenishes my connective tissue. I leave my session feeling relaxed, energized and ready to start practicing my violin again!! I don’t ever want to stop learning more about music and I never want aches and pains to get in the way..Mary Ellen Milks makes that possible! She is absolutely amazing and EVERY musician in Austin should make an appointment!
— Leigh M.
Mary Ellen is very knowledgeable and professional. Her skin care treatments are fabulous. I have not had a rosacea outbreak since seeing her and always leave relaxed and refreshed.
— Susan C.
Here is my testimonial—Mary Ellen is the best! You walk into her spa and it is the most relaxing and safe place. She is a healer and a beautiful person! I cannot recommend her more highly. My skin feels beautiful and my soul feels renewed after spending an hour with her!
— Anna B.
I have had many facials all over Austin and Mary Ellen is BY FAR the best Esthetician in town! I will never spend money at another expensive spa again when I can get a 5-star facial at an even better price!
— Jenny A.
My struggle with acne has been a painful and debilitating journey from which I have emerged a more fulfilled and peaceful person. After continuously being disappointed with dermatologist and other estheticians, I met Mary Ellen whose unparalleled skills transformed my skin and my life. Equally as important, Mary Ellen’s compassionate and peace loving nature facilitated an environment in which I found the strength to pursue my dream of living truly acne free through non-chemical means. Now, less than two years later,
I enjoy a clear and balanced complexion, a balanced complexion, a clear conscience, and most dear to me —- peace in my heart .
— Catherine B.
I have been going to Mary Ellen for facials since 2004. I love how thorough she is when it comes to her work. She is nurturing, kind and the best at what she does. Mary Ellen also offers therapeutic cupping massage which I experienced and was amazing! It affected the deep layers of my fascia and brought increased circulation and relief to the area.
Mary Ellen uses and sells some of the best products out there in her lovely and inviting space. I love the line Luzern that she carries. I just returned from living in Colorado and my skin needed some TLC. After one facial, my skin is less congested and feeling healthy again. Thank goodness for Mary Ellen!!!
— Melissa H.
On a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try a facial with Mary Ellen, and immediately saw and felt a difference in my skin. Other people also commented on my skin looking so healthy. That facial was four years ago ... and I remain a steady client. I consider the facial treatment and accompanying massage with Mary Ellen an important part of my overall health care!
— Mary V.
Prema Bella skin care is the best and most lasting care in Austin. The products used and the techniques performed with sacred stones and crystals are in harmony with beautiful skin from the inside out. This is truly a very special treatment.
— Janet A.
Mary Ellen has a masterful way of showing you the potential beauty inside your own skin. Time with her is such a treat!
— Kate L.
WOW, Mary Ellen is amazing! I have had the opportunity to have a lot of facials in life ... (even used to work at one of the best destination spas in the country) ... and she is wonderful! Nurturing, knows just what my skin needs and she’s a delight as a human! AND, on top of that, the product line she uses / carries is unbelievable... definitely get the moisturizer... the best I’ve used!
— Stephanie A.
Nurturing, Caring, Intuitive, Professional! Mary Ellen knows her products and knows skin. Trust all your skin care to her. . . She is Fabulous!
— Pam E.
Mary Ellen’s facials are a spiritual experience. Truly relaxing. And I love how my skin looks when she’s done.
— Jolie M.
Mary Ellen does a fabulous job. She cares about each one of her clients and is an ethical person.
— Adrienne T.
Mary Ellen’s facials and massages are the best! I love the Luzern products that she uses. My skin looks better than it ever has in my life and I attribute it to the facials I receive from Mary Ellen. Very relaxing and good quality skincare, what more could you want?!
— Donna W.
Best deep tissue massage I have ever received and first cupping massage. Almost cried on the massage table when receiving my cupping massage treatment, because I felt such deep relieve in my neck, shoulders and back. Oh my God, feel like I have breathe again, very relaxed in my body. Thank you Mary Ellen.
— Cristina B.
Mary Ellen isn’t just a fabulous esthetician, she’s a great healer, too. I always leave feeling rejuvenated; and my skin, rehydrated!
— Laura F.
As I was receiving Mary Ellen’s oh - so -loving facial treatment I was struck by the revelation that every moment of my life should be this delicious and rewarding. I highly recommend her facials, massage and color therapy. Receiving any treatment from Mary Ellen always goes way beyond expectations.
— Theresa W.
I’ve shopped around for facials in Austin, and Mary Ellen’s are light years beyond every other I’ve had. My face is never irrupted or red when I leave, and my friends give me compliments when she shapes my eyebrows. Her office space is lovely and very nurturing.
— Michelle B.
During my difficult pregnancy, Mary Ellen gave me a full body massage that was incredible. It was not only physically wonderful, but the energy and company was so important to me during such a fragile time. As always, Mary Ellen was there for me on many levels...
— Celeste W.
Mary Ellen has extraordinary talents, especially with Prema Bella skin care treatments. She presents an in-depth range of study and technique which make sessions with her a unique experience. Highly recommend.
— Janet A.
I highly recommend Mary Ellen for skin care and massage. She is extraordinarily talented and works with great integrity. A treatment from her will have you floating and glowing.
— Melanie B.
Mary Ellen gives wonderful treatments - be prepared to feel completely relaxed and glowing when your session is finished. I also highly recommend her choice of products - high quality and organic. Just like her work.
— Melanie M.
When I first went to see Mary Ellen, my skin was angry with post-menopausal and stress-related breakouts. I had discoloration from old acne scars and new old age spots. I hated my skin and every time I looked in the mirror, I only saw the flaws. I had begun to feel old and unattractive. Mary Ellen’s healing powers have completely changed not only my skin’s appearance and health but my relationship with my face. Now when I look in the mirror I see my whole image and feel youthful and attractive again. I am about to turn 65 and people frequently mistake me for 50-something! Most aestheticians I have been to barely touch my skin to clean it, brush on a mask and leave the room for 20 - 30 minutes at a time. Mary Ellen spends the entire session with me, massaging my face, neck and shoulders, while waiting for her curative products to do their work. And her facial massages are like a mother’s touch. When I leave her home studio, all the tension in my facial muscles is gone. My skin glows, and my face and neck are relaxed. I look in the mirror and I can see I have been touched by a true healer.
— Joanne O.
She is amazing!!!
— Jeannie F.
Mary Ellen gives the best facial and massage. She uses great organic product and is very professional. She is always on time and gives you her undivided attention when you are on her table. I would recommend her to anyone and I have! She is the best! I drive over 100 miles to see her for my facials !!! That’s how good she is.
— Donna W.
One day I noticed how smooth and bright my friend’s complexion looked. I had noticed this for some weeks. She told me it was because she was getting facials with Mary Ellen Milks. She added “I have a new face and I love it!” Soon afterwards I made my first appointment.Mary Ellen works out of her home. I found the room very private and warm. I immediately felt comfortable with Mary Ellen. She is a delightful and conscious person with a high sense of integrity. She is very skillful with her practice and uses wonderful skin products which she also sells. I had facials in the past but often felt rushed and felt the (can’t remember the word for facialist) was preoccupied. When I see Mary Ellen, I always feel that my skin and wellbeing is center in her mind. I have now been seeing Mary Ellen for over two years and will continue to see her. She has helped me to value my skin and that has played out in other areas of my life as well. I am loving my skin! I often get compliments from people I don’t even know. And compliments from people that I do know, who often say my skin looks very youthful. I am 55 and I love hearing that!
— Josephine L.
I’ve been receiving facials for 25 years and have learned the importance of having real trust with an aesthetician. I feel completely confident surrendering my face to Mary Ellen, I’ve gone to her for over 8 years and during each appointment, i feel blessed to experience her healing hands, her meticulous approach and her exceptional holistic products. She is an extremely skilled aesthetician who often incorporates new modalities. These soothing surprises( like warm/cooling stones or bamboo roller) nourish,soften and heal. I leave looking in the mirror thinking “ who is that supermodel”!
— Jennifer B.
Going for a session with Mary Ellen is like taking an exotic adventure into your own body, never knowing what sort of powerful releases, illuminating expansions, or relaxing pleasures might be discovered there.
— Nancy C.
Thank you Mary Ellen Milks! I was happier, clear thinking,centered, slept like a rock and woke up energized! The stress in my jaw relaxed and the skin on my face is like new. Holy Healer ( heart symbol), ( highly recommend her to anyone in Austin.)
— Megan G.