Tech Tension Release Massage              
Find relief from chronic tension that builds up from extended use of digital devices — repetitive typing, poor posture at work, sitting for long periods, and other common work strain. This focused massage of the neck, back and shoulders provides relief from muscle pain, improves circulation, supports greater flexibility and mobility, and helps promote overall relaxation.
60 minutes | $125.00
90 minutes | $150.00

Signature Massage
Decompress and destress from the pressures of everyday life with a unique massage that is utilizes a combination of both Swedish and deep tissue techniques. This massage is tailored to your body’s needs to achieve deeper relaxation, rejuvenation and results. Hot steamed towels with arnica oil will be applied to relax muscle tension and a scalp massage with your choice of palo santo, lavender, or refreshing mint oil.
75 minutes | $145.00

Custom Massage
Relax and unwind with a custom massage designed for your body’ individual s needs. Whether you need to release tension, repair sore muscles or just escape the stress of daily life, a custom massage will bring you back into balance.
60 minutes | $125.00
90 minutes | $150.00

CBD Therapeutic Healing Massage
Discover the many benefits of a CBD oil infused massage designed to alleviate symptoms of pain and tension on a deeper level. This Swedish massage uses Pure Harmony CBD oil to help decrease inflammation, reduce soreness and tension, and calm stress and anxiety. Basalt stones or cold marble stones may be used to help inflammation, and hot steamed towels with arnica oil will be applied to relax muscle tension.
60 minutes | $155.00
90 minutes | $180.00

Hot Stone Massage
Connect with your body and the earth's healing elements with a therapeutic massage that incorporates warm river rocks. An organic, healing massage oil and river rocks are used to massage the body and melt away tension.
90 minutes | $190.00

Pregnancy Massage
Celebrate the mother-to-be with a nurturing and therapeutic pregnancy massage that relaxes tense muscles, eases discomfort, and improves circulation and mobility. Designed specifically for the unique needs of pregnancy, this massage will reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, promote blood and lymph circulation, help reduce nervous tension for better sleep, and can help relieve depression and/or anxiety that may be caused by hormonal changes. Gift certificates available for the baby shower!
60 minutes |  $125.00
90 minutes | $150.00
*Physician release required during first trimester. 

Swedish Massage
Renew with a traditional Swedish massage that uses long, flowing strokes varying in pressure from light to firm to both relax and lengthen muscles and fascia tissue, as well as to calm the mind. Rest, relax and restore your body, mind and spirit.
60 minutes | $95.00


Perfect Harmony Package                
Combining relaxation and beauty together in harmony, this package includes a 60-minute custom massage with a 60-minute custom facial.
120 minutes | $225.00

Flow + Glow Package                          
Promoting inner flow and outer glow, this package includes a 30-minute cupping massage with a 60-minute facial massage.
90 minutes | $165.00


Massage Enhancements                          
Scalp Massage (with your choice of palo santo, lavender or refreshing mint essential oil)
15 minutes | $25.00
Feet and Hands Moisturizing Treatment
15-Minute Extra Massage Time
Hot Towel Arnica Treatment
Full-Body Dry Brushing
Sugar Scrub + Hot Towels Back Treatment

Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will reduce treatment time.

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