Color Therapy

Aura-Soma uses the language of color and numerology to help individuals discover their living energy and harness their own energy, power and essence.

This self-selective process is non-invasive and involves an interactive approach to the individual treatment. The process begins with a client selecting four color bottles, each of which contains a special blend of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals. After bottle selection, there is a consultation between Mary Ellen and the client. From there, the client lies on the table and Mary Ellen uses a special light pen with color vials to perform the healing energy work.

Aura-Soma Color Therapy requires special training and there are sessions dedicated to different energy goals such as Embracing for Change, Clearing Childhood Trauma, The Three Stages of Pregnancy and more. Depending upon your individual goals, Mary Ellen will work with each client to select the most appropriate therapy.

Color Therapy Session
Color is more than meets the eyes – color has a deep impact on our moods, emotions and feelings. Understanding how color shapes our energy and perceptions can be healing for our subconscious mind and our heart.
90 minutes | $150.00

Please arrive on time. Late arrivals will reduce treatment time.