Esthetician, LMT

Mary Ellen Milks offers advanced holistic healing arts. She provides a safe, nurturing space to facilitate transition in healing and release. Each session is created in response to current needs of your body to facilitate lasting change and transformation.

Mary Ellen is a Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Massage Therapist who is dedicated to women's health and well being by providing the finest skincare and body therapies. (Male clients are accepted with a personal referral.) She combines her extensive training, education and experience with organic, bio-dynamically grown skin and body products to achieve transformative results. 

New Mexico Academy of Massage and Natural Healing Arts
1,200 hours of training to License in Massage Therapy
January 1989 - February 1990 | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Somatic Therapy Institute 
400-hour program in Body Mind Integrative Therapy   
December 1991 | Star Blacker -  Instructor | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Life Impressions Bodywork
350 hours training in Deep Tissue and Energetic Release Therapy
January 1993 - June 1993 | Donald Van Howten - Instructor | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy 
Advanced Training, Body Mind Integrative Study
1994 - 1995 | Dr. Robert Weisz - Instructor | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hakomi Integrative Somatics
Advanced Training and Techniques
Pat Ogden - Instructor | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Rosen Method Center Southwest
Advanced Training in the Rosen Method
Sandra Wooten - Instructor | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Baldwin Beauty School
Esthetician Training - Graduated 2002 | Austin, Texas

The Jaffe Institute Spiritual Healing Program
Sufi Mystical Healing from the Heart | Level 1 & 2
2004 - 2005 | Ibrahim Jaffe - Instructor | Arrowhead, California

Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician
Advanced Comprehensive Certification Program
2005 - 2007

Aura Soma Color Therapy Training
Level 1 & 2
January 2008 | Elizabeth Locke - Instructor | Austin, Texas

Kundalini Teacher
Level One Instructor
200 hour Certificate of Training Program  
May - 2009 | Yoga Yoga Teacher Training | Austin, Texas  

Radiant Child Yoga
30-hour Immersion Program
May - 2009 | Shakta Kaur Khalsa - Instructor | Yoga Yoga Teacher Training | Austin, Texas

Yoga for Autism, ADHD, and Differently Abled Children
20-hour Immersion Program
April - 2010 | Shakta Kaur Khalsa - Instructor | Yoga Yoga Teacher Training | Austin, Texas 

Aura Soma 
Colours & Light on the Pathways
Advanced Color Therapy using the Beamer Pen
Level 1 Las Vegas, Nevada; February - 2010
Level 2 Las Vegas, Nevada; March - 2010
Level 3 Bologna, Italy; June - 2010
Level 4 Las Vegas, Nevada; February - 2013
Shanto Dorsey -  Instructor 

The 21 stages of Meditation: Journeys 1-3 with Gurucharan
Certificate of Completion - 50 hours
March - 2013 | GurucharanKhalsa - Instructor | Yoga Yoga Teacher Training | Austin Texas

International Cupping Therapy Association
Contemporary Cupping Methods
Certified May - 2013 | Sonia Morton - Instructor | Austin, Texas